Advanced Technical Services

In 2002, CapStone acquired Advanced Technical Services, a drafting and design firm with locations in both Lincoln and Omaha, Nebraska. ATS has been the Manufacturing, Construction and Architectural source for 2D and 3D Computer Aided Drafting and Design since 1988.

ATS handles a wide range of CAD projects with a team made up of talented individuals with diverse backgrounds and expertise. And with ample resources and a dedicated staff, ATS can start projects immediately and provide a quick and accurate turnaround. The CAD team also utilizes the latest software and technology to assist with both the communication and implementation of projects, which improves both the efficiency and effectiveness of ATS’s CAD services.

Partnering with ATS allows you to:

  • Pay for CAD services only when needed
  • Avoid internal costs of CAD staff
  • Handle a wide range of projects
  • Comply with stringent standards
  • Cover leave of absence or downsizing
  • Level seasonal resource demands
  • Allow your engineers to focus on engineering, not drafting
  • Provide long-term support
  • Benefit your business continuity
  • Expand limited resources when needed

Why work with ATS?

  • Capacity to start most projects immediately
  • Experience in steel industry practices
  • Ability to work from sketches
  • Strong knowledge of codes and regulations
  • Free plots and copies with most jobs
  • Hand-in-hand interaction with your engineering department
  • Assistance in research of parts, materials and components
  • Help in gathering quotations and getting prototypes built
  • Aid in communication with vendors
  • Certified SolidWorks professional on staff