AutoViri Tray Management System

Improve your operation’s efficiency, productivity and safety. AutoViri™ Tray Management System can accommodate any system, from a simple, single-line system to a multibuilding, integrated system.

Measurable Benefits for Your Mail Operation

Save Money and Protect Revenue

Yes, the AutoViri™ Palletizer can do both for you at the same time. Eliminating labor, reducing injury-related costs and increasing throughputs are the most obvious financial benefits of the AutoViri Palletizer. Unprecedented accountability via the USPS Mailer Scorecard exposes mail operations to potential postage penalties when trays are not properly nested on the correct pallets — or when pallet placards are incorrectly applied. By removing the human element, the AutoViri Palletizer protects you from costly and avoidable USPS Mailer Scorecard penalties, thereby protecting your revenue.


AutoViri Palletizers employ industrial robots built for 24/7 operations with low maintenance requirements and a variety of options to ensure that your production operates to the highest safety standards.

Proven Performance

The AutoViri Palletizer is proven in real-world use — with sustained live-production efficiencies exceeding 98 percent and uptimes exceeding 90 percent — for literally millions of mail pieces. AutoViri solutions are designed by experts who have exclusively served the print-to-mail industry for nearly two decades and are committed to your long-term success.

Save Valuable Floor Space

With the AutoViri Palletizer, you'll be able to consolidate your operation's mail prep area, so your facility can accommodate growing volume and/or separation needs.